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Make Yourself Unforgettable

Be Unforgettable

If you know me, then you will know one of my irrefutable truth: once you’ve been introduced to me then you will remember me forever. I start noticing that strength of mine when I was still in college and was partying a lot. For some reason, at any party, or event that I was attending, if there was one person that I’ve been introduced to, then that person would come with a big smile and would give me a charming friendly hug with “MAX-MARC” highly pronounced and a distinguished smiley face. More interesting, I noted it was true for people of my age that I’ve been introduced to, but also for my parent’s friends that once got in touch with me or any other older person than me. Today, it’s still the same. People would remember my name easily, remember me easily, remember my voice easily,would remember the last time we met easily, and for the most, they will be enthusiast when getting in touch with me, no matter how much time has elapsed.  So, whether you are in business, simple individual between jobs, student…, what is the benefit behind making yourself unforgettable and how do I do it? Folks, this is Max, Your Relationship Strategist, here to add value to the relationship side of your life because RELATIONSHIP MATTERS.

The Benefits of Making Yourself Unforgettable:

  • Easy Reconnection – In these days, you will agree with me, it’s hard to stay in touch with all people we know and it’s even harder to stay in touch or to remember the new people of our network. Making yourself unforgettable helps you to reconnect easily with people you haven’t been in touch with for a certain amount of time and therefore it will make it easy to re-socialize, and to skip the painful step of “Don’t you remember me???? At that event???? I was with ….” GRrrrrr!!!!! When you meet an already established contact, it’s an opportunity to take the relationship to the next level, not to go back to the previous step.
  • Heart Opener – Making yourself unforgettable is a doorway to enter people’s heart and therefore becoming more intimate to them. When someone recognizes you and comes to see you, the message the person is actually transferring is: “I enjoyed the last time we shared together and would love to have some more enriching time with you.”   No one will go to you for a hug if the person do not like you.
  • Doorway to Opportunities – It doesn’t matter where you are, who you are, or what you do, one day or the other we all need someone’s help. Making yourself unforgettable helps you to be more referable. People will be more likely to refer you, help you, introduce you, and do business with you. If your CEO can recognize you and remember of the last time you both met, you are more likely to receive an asked promotion then someone he has no idea of and is as valuable as you are. Also, a client who remember you will me more likely to continue doing business with you than going to a competition he doesn’t connect to, if you and the competition have the same offer.

How Do You Make Yourself Unforgettable?

  • Treat everyone you meet at anytime like a VIP – To win with people you need to be skilled at giving value to their self-esteem and give them genuine interest. Treating someone like a VIP means you praise the person, you congratulate the person for any achievement you know he did. You show respect to the person. You care for the person and you what the person is up to. Last week I was calling a friend of mine from Los Angeles, who is in the music industry, to invite her to my wedding. She was so impressed when I recall our last conversation and plans she shared with about a yea ago that she couldn’t hide how much such attention means to her.
  • Speak from You Heart – When you speak to someone, forget about yourself and speak from you heart. The way you’d love to be addressed, the feelings, and emotions you’d love to be transferred, the sincerity and transparency you’d love to be observed, the discretion you’d appreciate to see in place, make sure you give it also to the person even from the first you get introduced.
  • Don’t Be Fake – I definitely believe one of my greatest strength is my ability to stay who I am whoever is in front of me. I love jokes, humility and simplicity and do not take myself too seriously. So when I meet new people or already established contact, I will always drop a joke line. People might not adapt to who you are and they don’t have to, but they will know who you are. How confusing is it to see someone today in a certain way and tomorrow to notice that the person is totally different? Moreover, when you are fake, people can smell it and their trust you will never have.
  • Be always enthusiast – Charlie “Tremendous” Jones, the author of Life is Tremendous the best contamination we can give to someone is a peace of joy, our enthusiasm. People do not like to be associated to negative people who always complain or talk rubbish about other people. When you are enthusiast and show it to people, people admire you because you tend to see life in a positive way that is refreshing and inspiring.

Again, whether you are in business, simple individual between jobs, student, assistant, teacher, lazy government employee…you always gain when you make yourself unforgettable.  If you need FREE help, let me know by clicking here, if you need some extra help visit my company website and let me help you find the expert that will best help you.

Folks, this was Max and remember…RELATIONSHIP MATTERS.


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How To Say NO to The Boss

How To Say No

Alright  bloggers, we have an issue here. I got a phone call from a good friend of mine the other day and he was exposing me a frustrating situation he was facing at work. His boss wanted him to spy his colleague and friend. Have you ever faced that situation? How then can we give a NO to our superior?

One thing you should be aware of is that people whose actions and decisions are based on their values and principles might not be the most welcomed and loved but they are definitely the most respected. That is exactly what I first told my friend. With that said, is the YES or NO you give to your boss that is really important, is the reason behind your answer no matter what the request was.

Now, let’s assume you are ethical and values driven. How to present your final decision to your boss? I personally believes you should go and meet him in closed doors first. The reason behind meeting up with him in closed doors is to avoid any challenge with him in public that could end up affecting his self-esteem and therefore will take the situation to another level.  Now, before meeting up with him, you should definitely make sure you have either booked the appointment with his assistant and that she has that written down or you make sure you have sent  him an email specifying the reasons of the appointment. Other than the fact that is the normal way to process, the reason behind this is that if for any reasons after your NO he tends to turn the situation against you or he tries to make something to set you up, the you will have a joker to play to set you free of any wrong accusations.

Now, during the meeting with your boss as you let him know of your decision to go against his request, you have to be humble, polite, respectful, but STRAIGHT and FIRM. Here is an example of how to say NO:

“Thanks for taking the time to meet up with me, I really appreciate that. Just like I specified on my email (at your assistant), the reason of this meeting regards your late request. I did take in consideration the trust you give by giving me such responsibilities and I am honored, but I am afraid that path does not match with my life line. I know your objective is to meet your goal but I am scared I am not the right one for that. Have you thought asking the help of … I guess he will be flattered to have that opportunity. What do you think?”

So once your NO expressed, if you know someone who might be happy to fill the request you do not want, then you can turn now the direction of the  discussion which put you on the bench and now you become more like an advisor giving referral.

Now let me highlight this because it’s important since each action provokes a reaction. When you oppose yourself to your boss decision or request, you must make sure that the request wasn’t par of your job, and you must make sure that when it comes to your work and responsibilities, that you are irreproachable.

To my friend it all happened about two weeks ago and together we managed the situation. Not only he did say NO and wasn’t blamed for it but he did get a promotion at a managerial position because of the values he shared. The only problem was that he’s been promoted to get his friend’s position. Now, is that an issue?

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