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The 7 Top Notch Professions to Connect With to Grow Your Network

Folks, people is everything. The people you are connected to, the organizations and meetings you attend, all that matters when you have a burning desire to grow your network. In this world of challenge, competition, employment crisis, and unsecured job, it’s more than ever important for everyone, individuals and companies, to work on developing trustful and solid connections.

As a professional relationship development expert, part of my job is to share with you places of influences that can help you find the right people and right organizations to connect with. On this post, I reveal a lis of 7 professions anyone, individuals and organizations, would gain in being connected with. That is the top notch  professions network seeker want t be linked to.

  1. The Headhunters:
    These are Recruiters, Job-placement counselors, Search executives. These are the people who make their living in connecting people. Days and nights, they work at connecting the right people to the right companies. That means that, according to the industry th headhunter is working in, his phonebook will be loaded of people you might be interested in if it’s your industry of interest.
    My recommendation to you is to open and keep a personal file of any headhunter you know: who they are, what industry they are specialized in, what kind of people they are looking for, where are they located. If you find a way to help them in their job, they will be more than welcome to give you the connection you are looking for in return.
  2. The Fundraisers:
    You remember back in school time when you had to go out on week-ends to walk around the neighborhood trying to sell chocolate bars to raise money for your basketball team? Well, professional fundraisers do the same but not only on week-ends or in the neighborhood; they do it everyday and usually solicit influential people. If the salesperson follows the right client in need for his product, the fundraiser, however, simply follows the money. For fundraisers, it doesn’t matter what industry you work on, what you, who you are, what they want is your money. So they well aware and informed of who is influential, and who has the money. If you have a good friend who is fundraiser, you have an open door to a whole new world of contacts and opportunities.
  3. The Lobbyists:
    Lobbyists are impressive networkers. Those self-confident and persuasive people always know what;s going on. The way they work is by hosting cocktails parties and dinner get-togethers to be able to interact with politicians and their opponents in a casual and relax atmosphere. If you can hold en event for them, volunteer your services, refer other volunteer to their case, introduce them to potential clients, they will be for you to many more influential contacts.
  4. The Restaurateurs:
    When I was working with the Southwestern company, I used to be sent around the US the prospect the market and offer the products to be sold. In other words, I could have been in Los Angeles,CA this year and next year be sent to Portland,OR. My strategy whenever I was coming to a new state was first to ask, right at the airport, where was the best and most popular place to go and have a breakfast in the city I would work in. Then I’d take my rental car and drive to that place, introduce myself to the restaurant owner or manager, and I would tell him what I was going to do here and for how long, that I was going to come and breakfast at his restaurant every day, that he’s been recommended to me as the place to go for the best breakfast, and if he hear of anyone in need of my product then he shouldn’t hesitate to refer me.
    Local restaurant owners are the deal. They know what’s going on, they know who is who and who does what, and they know where to go for what you need. They are usually likable, people love them, tell them about their lives, and appreciate them. They can be a great source of info and their restaurant a tremendous pace of network if you go there in a regular basis.
  5. The Journalists:
    Who wouldn’t like to know a journalist? Thanks to those media professionals, the right exposure can make a company double its sales, or turn a nobody into a somebody. The good thing is that they are constantly looking for a good story. However, apy attention to those guys. As much as they can put you on the top, they can be also the reason behind your decline.
  6. The Public Relations people:
    The PR people and media can hate each other but at the end of the day, their common necessity brings them together. PR people needs media to cover their client and protect the image of their company, and medias need stories to write on.
    How can be PR helpful? They can introduce you to the media or journalist that they consider more helpful than headache.
  7. The Politicians:
    Politicians are unstoppable networkers. Constantly working on their image to get people vote, they would add to their team and help anyone whose work aims to help them to be more popular. By helping politicians, you gain a ticket to have a seat in their inner circle. Ounce in their inner-circle, you’ll be surrounded of tremendous connections.
    How to get in touch with Politicians? Join your local Chamber of Commerce. In every locality, there are lot of young politicians eager to clim the political ladder. And in each chamber of commerce, you will find businesspeople, local executives, and entrepreneurs. Join there, volunteer your service, positively expose yourself, and people will want you in their team.

As you already know and as I say all the time, relationship matters and one thing to constantly do in relationship is to connect. Well, on this post, you’ve learned how to connect with the right connectors that will help you expand your circle.


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How To Become More Outgoing

On the 4th of July week-end, I had friends over at my new house for barbecue. As we were talking, one of my friend brought up an issue she has hard time to deal with: how to become more outgoing. I must confess, when you are born with that talented skill of being naturally outgoing, life can definitely be a lot easier for you. But for those of you who are not gifted in that field, don’t worry. You can learn to be more outgoing and the benefit behind it will be more exciting social life, and also you will see better professional opportunities comming your way.

Now, let me skip the bla-bla-bla and go straight to the point keeping it all short and simple. You want to be more outgoing?

  1. First, be more self-confident: That might sound crazy to you as you read it but the one reason why people stay at home is because they are not confident enough that they’ll be accepted to enter the places they actually want to go. Let me be more precised here. When I talk about acceptance, I mean being accepted as you are. So here, you definitely want to pump up your confiddence level to the point that you believe you are welcome anywhere you want to go. Is it a five-star restaurant and only high class get in there and are screened? well, that’s you. Is it a seminar that merely top executives attend? Well, it sounds like you. Bottom line is that you must be self-confident enough that you deserve to be out at those places you want to go.
  2. Get out of your house: You want to be more outgoing? well, get out of your house and go some places. So many times you will see people who hide behind false beliefs such as :”Oh! I am not an ongoing person.” Well, truth is that even if you are not the kind of person that will go out and party every night, I am sure at 90% that you would to meet people that will positively impact in your live and and if you see that kind of people you will be more than welcome to be out with them. So, stop bluffing yourself and start scanning your neighborhood. Ask yourself what kind of places you like to go have fun, find out where they are and without asking yourself questions just go there. You like swimming? Well, don’t ask yourself if you are well shaped enough to be in a swimming pool. Go find pools that are in your neigborhood, get yourself a swimming suit and just go there. Remember you deserve to be there and have fun and as you get fun and enjoy yourself, you will attract more people to you.
  3. Invite friends: When it comes to fun just like in team work, the more people the better. You want to be more outgoing? The go through your phone book and and call some of your friends who are naturally outgoing and try to do something with them. The naturally already that positive energy that will push you to go out and you know you will have fun with them. So don’t hesitate to call them and to invite them to go out with you or if you don’t know where to go, then just ask them you feel you going out and ask them if they have some free time to go out with you at a place the both of you would  have fun.   

I promise you I’d keep this post short and simple so let me conclude with this. Be more outgoing can be very painful sometimes especially if it’s not one of your natural skill. However, wether it’s for business or just for your social life, you don’t want to miss an opportunity to meet someone that can positively impact your life. Find yourself a role model in your close network of friends and relatives and hang out with him, see what he/she does and try to duplicate what works better for you. Whatever you do, get out of your room and go out.

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Can I choose my friends?

Can I choose my friends?

Hello friends, bloggers, facebookers, twitters…no matter how you came across this blog, I am glad you made it here and hope that you will share the post because RELATIONSHIP MATTERS. Last night I was inspired enough to write this quote I came up with on my facebook page: “In relationship, do not ask what someone can do for you, but what you can do for the person. It is not how you can be served, but how you can serve. Not what you can benefit, but what they can benefit from you. To be there for others is not just relationship, it’s also leadership.” If we look at relationship as a way to help provide help to people of our network, as a way to be present in their life, can we then choose our friends? Now if I can’t choose my friends how do I manage to be present in a non-stop growing list of friends?

When I was a kid, my parents to protect me used to manage my network telling which friend I should walk with or not. After I left home, went to college and started different internships, I used to be told to watch out people I hang out with. Now, however, I understand that it’s not much about the people you are with but about your view and understanding of relationship, about your values and principles of life.

I and I only is responsible of my life and must run it based on what I believe in according to the values I cherish and principles I commit and discipline myself not to break no matter who I am with. Should I not consider to be in touch with one friend because he aims at small goals? NO. Should I not consider be friend to Bill Clinton because he once cheated on his wife? No. Should I not consider be friend to Maradonna because he once being Drug addict? No. Should I not consider be friend to … because of…???  People change and the reason people is because of the support their friends bring on the table.

I strongly believe, it’s inappropriate to choose friends but we can choose who to be close to. My wife is my best friend, I share all my plans, thoughts,  and projects with her. I have about 100 people from 15 years old to about 50 years old in my network that I can call anytime and they will pick up the phone, and I plan to take that number to 5 thousands.Relationship Matters. Why? Because my understanding of relationship and the advices I give them has a positive influence in their live. When you choose a friend, not only you hurt somebody self-esteem, but also you limit your opportunity to positively somebody’s life. In his book “Never Eat Alone”, The worldwide Relationship expert Keith Ferrazzi says we must not keep score. Relationship like friendship is about generosity.

Like I said, you can’t choose you friends, but you can choose who to be close to. In his book “Think and Grow Rich” Napoleon talks about a Mastermind group. That is a group of people from your close network that helps you focus and keep up on your dreams to be accomplished. We all need a mastermind group because of the positivity that circulate and that you can later share with others in need.

How can we then keep up with a non-stop growing list of friends?

  • You work – The work you do is not just get paid and pay your bills. Your work is the best way to be present in people’s life because through your work, you are providing a service. That is why when choosing your work you have to be careful that you love it and the it fulfills you.  The better you get at your professional career or life purpose, the more you can help through a single achievement, and the more people will need you. In fact, managing your friend’s list is not just about calling them everyday but more about finding a way to impact their life through a defined channel that will leave your prints in their life.
  • Connect directly with them – The direct connection to your friends remains, I bet, the best way to keep up with them. Give phone calls from time to time, send an email to give some of your news and ask about their news, send text messages, write on their facebook wall, poke them, send an e-card for all special occasions like birthday, Christmas, Easter…
  • Organize your friend list – There are different ways to organize your friend’s list and there are lot of help out there for it. Linkedin website does a tremendous work with that [SEE HOW TO DO IT], Gmail and Hotmail do as well. Personally, the way I do organize my network list is by industry category and location. The reason behind it is that if I have a question about sales I can easily go check fiends I have under the sales industry and see who to call to have answers. Also, if a major event happens in one industry, I can easily know whose friends I need to send an email to express my thoughts.

Just like a great friend of mine (Yacine Bahri, the Founder of the video sharing website told me recently, keeping up with friends is pretty demanding but the rewards can be tremendous. I hope you enjoyed this post, share it with your friends, close friends, and relatives. If you need help let me know or find another expert at

My name is Max, your Relationship Strategist, and remember RELATIONSHIP MATTERS.

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