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Make Your e-Card counts

At every important event, I always make sure I do something that seems to be insignificant but that helps in building a long lasting relationship with people: I send a personalized greeting e-card.

Like I already said in a previous article, relationship is all about communication. With that said, the way we all communicate and the transference of feeling just as the care we show as we communicate is highly important. That is why as I send my e-cards, I just do not send an e-card but a personalized e-card.

How do you feel when for your birthday, for Christmas, for the New Year, or for Easter, your friend sends you an email that is just the same he sent out to all of his contacts? It probably doesn’t make you feel like this friend is been thinking of you personally when writing the e-card and therefore you do not put a big attach to the sent e-card.

To make your e-card counts, you need few simple things but that will stronger your attach to the e-card receiver:

  • Make sure it is not a group email and the receiver can actually see his name and only his name on the e-card
  • Back up your wishes: let your receiver know why you express those wishes. In other words, avoid giving random or common wishes. It helps the receiver know that you do care and that is why you take the time to send that e-card with those wishes.
  • Give briefly some of your news: this is a give-to-get technique. It will invite the e-card receiver to give you an update of what is going on in his life when he replies instead of sending you a simple “thank you”. 
  • Refresh your contact info: Let your e-card receiver as you conclude the card knows about how to get in touch with you. Let him know you are on facebook, twitter… Let him know your new phone number if you changed or other contact information and again it will be an invitation to have him da the same with you. As a benefit, you will have and updated contact list.

Thanks to the nowadays technology, we can better and more easily connect and communicate with people than it was in the past. However, if you let yourself go general or be lazy at giving to each one of your e-card recipients the importance they should have, the consideration of your wishes will be less appreciated and the benefit of building a stronger relationship will be less. So when you think sending an e-card, remember you about to position yourself in the mind of the receiver.

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