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How Close Are You From Splitting Up?

My wife and I, from the very beginning of our close relationship, we came to agree on one key point that is the base of our relationship and that is “love is not granted but rented, and the rent is due everyday.” Whatever type of relationship you share with someone, it shouldn’t be considered granted, the split can happen anytime if you do not consider watching out. On this issue, I will focus on your relationship with your significant other. So how close are you from breaking up with him/her? 

My believe again, is that you can split anytime soon. The essence of relationship, one of it’s pillar, is communication. When you are in a relationship, you expect to be communicating with the person, sharing your emotions, your beliefs, your vision, and all that do not have to be the same (but that is another subject I will cover later in the future). One of the reason people fail to run a lasting relationship with their significant other is because they stop doing what led us them to be together. The man who was charming at the beginning and was giving lot of attention, bringing gifts, flowers, and calling all the time to say “I Love You”, that same man once he got the heart of the love one stop doing all those little things. The same goes to the other partner. The woman who use to take good care of herself, watching her weight, cooking nice diner, getting interested in the man career in supporting him, she stops doing it once the heart is won. In that case how would you then expect the love to remain at the same level.

Now what about being to demanding? This is what I call the “Package Deal”. Now that they are with the partner you always wanted people tend to start being too demanding. Why can’t you do this? Why can’t you do that? Why aren’t you like this or like him/her… Well, we need to understand that negative criticism is nothing else that a source of separation. When you accepted to be together with someone, you accepted the person package which everything that you see and you know about the person by the time you accept to be together. If when you get together I am fat, do not come 2 months later and urge me to be as slim as Tyra Banks. But do not get me wrong here. The notion of package doesn’t mean nothing everything should always remain the same. What it means is that you can and should help your partner become a better person and achieve higher points but first it’s not a must, and second ut must be something not that you want but that both of you want especially the partner in question, in order to be happier and to have a stronger love.


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Is Facebook a problem at home?

Hi everyone, you are on Relationship Matters Blog. Our today’s issue is about how to solve the problem with Facebook or other social networks and even simply the internet at home. More than ever before, social network follow us everywhere we go. We facebook, hi5, or tweet at work, at our break time, and even at home whether on computer or mobile phones. However, the facebook-mania doesn’t always serve our interest espacially when we get back home after a long day of we’ve been away from the love one(s) and we get home and all we think about is to go login on facebook. Watch the video and read the tips I have for you. 

For one or another, that can be very irritating but here is how you can actually handle the situation at everyone benefit:

  1. Do not make facebook a priority when you get back home after work. Please don’t get me wrong here. I do love facebooking as well but I know if when I get back home I rush to facebook my love will turn upside down and be upset, which is not what I want. So what I do, I make sure I first give my love one (s) genuine interests asking about the day, work, friends, helping at fixing the diner, doing the dishes, and relaxing. Those small but very significant marks of attentions we all as human natures are expecting from loved ones.
  2. Make facebook be a “together fun”: In other words you must sell the value of your facebook and make your significant other buy the idea he/she can have fun facebooking with you. One of the reason your love one(s) might hate to see you facebooking is because you don’t associate them to that pleasure of yours so they feel put aside and they don’t love watching from the sideline. Do you have common friends? Well about telling the loved one(s): hey! Let’s facebook together to see what our friends are up to?
  3. Be discipline: this key is more about your time management. Single people or people living alone have more reason to be facebooking all night long, theyhave no one next to them. Once we have someone by our side then we need to set a time when to go facebook and also how long we’re gonna facebook. This is nothing else than a mark of love and interest we give to the person next to us and they will appreciate it. To some point, I would even say you do not need to bring facebook home everyday, you can do it on week-ends if it’s not one of your business maketing tool. 

So far those are keys I know for sure will get you out of trouble if facebook and other social network site or even simply internet is an issue at home with your love one(s)

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