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Treat People Like VIPs

Max-Marc Fossouo

Treat People Like VIPs

Hi bloggers! This is Max and RELATIONSHIP MATTERS! Treating people like VIPs can definitely be your doorway to opportunities. When selling books with the Southwestern Company, I learned that when dealing with people, we should make a friend first and a customer second. In these turbulent times we work in, companies more and more understand that their people or employees are the most valuable resources. With that said, the single best move an organization can make is to develop the leadership talent of every single person at every possible level. As individuals in search for better opportunities for our professional life, social life, and personal life, treating our friends, relatives, colleagues, or significant other like VIPs must one of our priority. So why is it important to treat people like VIPs and what is the best ways to make someone feels like  thousands bucks?


In the introduction above, I already kind of listed couple of reasons why we all must treat each other like VIPs. As Managers, business owners, or leaders, we understand now that people we work with represent the best investment we can make for the long-term peaceful and less storming run of our activities. As individuals, we know from the intro above that treating people like VIPs can definitely opens us some interesting doors.

What would be the single one reason that explain why we must treat people like VIPs and that would be true for everyone with no distinction at all? That one reason is one of the indisputable laws of relationship: People value people who value them.


  • Make Time for them: Here is the deal. How would you feel if you call a contact of yours and he tells you he has no time for you but you can notice he uses some of his time to chill out with some other people? I bet you’ll be a little bit frustrated. Now let me ask you this: what would you do if someone you love and dearly respect were to ask you for some of your time? I bet you’ll be flattered and will probably tell the person how honored you are. Well do not get me wrong here. You must remain in control of your schedule and priorities. As I say to give time to people as a key to make them feel important, the real idea behind it is to show yourself available at an arranged time that would work for the both of you and showing to the person that even if it on his request, you value the time the two of you will spend together.
  • Give them your full attention: There are no such mark of treating people like VIPs as given them your full attention. As Robin Sharma says, we need to listen like a genius. He says that Listening involves more than waiting until the speaker has stopped speaking. Yet, in our hyper-fast world, few people in business have dedicated themselves to being a “wow” of a listener. Here’s the thing: When you become brilliant at listening, people feel that you care about them. When they feel you care about them, they begin to care about you. And when people care about you, your success becomes a part of how they define their success.
  • Remember the basics: On his book “The Four Habits of Referability”, the Strategic Coach Dan Sullivan says that to say “PLEASE” and “THANK YOU” is a great mark of courtesy. To make someone feel like thousands bucks, you need to get to the basics and be courteous.

As conclusion to this post, understand there is no “I love you Mr. President” and “What the hell you need again Mr. Window Cleaner”. Everyone has to be well considered and to make sure you treat people like VIPs, remember what we’ve learned from the Bible: Treat people like you’d want them to treat you.

My name is Max, I am your Relationship Strategist and RELATIONSHIP MATTERS.

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