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How is Your Social Capital?

The way we do business or even think about business has changed. You have a budget and financial plan, a task list, a project plan, a diet plan, no matter what your goal is and the plan associated to do it, the main question you have to ask yourself today is: “WHAT IS YOUR PEOPLE PLAN?” In today’s competitive market, products out there are the same, people come up with new product everyday, what makes the difference is who you or your company is affiliate to, associate to, volunteer with, partner with. Yes, that’s true for business, and it’s true for your personal branding as well. It’s true also for your personal goal whether it’s to find a significant other, someone to go and practice with…The one million dollar question is WHO DO YO”U KNOW?

Yesterday I was on Skype with a great friend of mine who just got an executive position at a bank in London and we were doing some catch up because we didn’t the time to really talk last time at my wedding. As we were talking and I told him about the new products my company Act2be International, LLC was getting ready to launch in Africa he started telling me about some of his close relatives who have executive positions in the government and major banks in countries like Gabon, Cameroon, and Central African Republic. He started giving me some names and we dug in the feasibility of the connection.

Here are some tips to start investing on your social capital:

  • Define your goal and have a clear knowledge of what you need from people.
  • Go over your cell phone and mailing list and start writing the names of people of your network.
  • Rate those from 1 to 5 stars which represents how strong your relationship to the person is.
  • Start sending a nudge to the person and request a catch up meeting either on phone, Skype, chat, at dinner…
  • Ask yourself how you can help the person. What valuable service can you provide to the person? Why would that person connect or reconnect with you?
  • Follow up and keep in touch with the person (birthdays, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter…)
  • Don’t forget so say PLEASE and THANK YOU for each service to everyone, no matter how important is the service and no matter what the person social rank is.

I strongly believe everyone first job today should be to work oneself by developing a personal brand, by understanding what make you unique, by having something of value to offer to others, and by developing and investing in the people on your network: your social capital.


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How Did I Take Someone From MySpace to My Place

From mySpace to my place

Today, it’s proven that the techniques to prospect new markets have been developped thanks to new technologies and especially social networks. For instance, you have more chance that someone get you message if you text it to his mobile phone than if you try to call him. Even better now, thanks to Facebook, MySpace, hi5, Plaxo, Twitter, and other great social networking sites, you have better chances than ever before to find powerful connecting names when you prospect, to pass the gates keepers, and ┬áto reach out your target. So, how did I take someone from MySpace to my place?

As another to expose my work and to share my belief to the world that relationship matters, I did in the past created an account at So, I had people and friends who frequently would come and check out what was new on my space and with the word of mouth I had people I didn’t know that start to come and read my work. I must confess, it’s pretty flattering to know that people can be interested to what you do. So, I had that one person who one day made an interesting comment and that’s when it all get started until he reached my place.

  1. I did always send a “thank you” reply to all comments he did write on my space, whether relelvant or not. If you want someboday to be interested in your work and t come and check it again and again whether it’s your boss,, your colleaue, a relative, or a friend, then you want to show some type of respect and gratefulness. the reason being that, that one person who will constantly get back to your is not only helping you grow and progress, but also, that person might be the one who will be out there one day and talk on your favour for a promotion, salary increase, better opportunities, and more. So, show that person that you care.
  2. For someone to come back again and again, it probably means that the person is either interested about you as a person or the person is interested about your work. In that case, it was my work. So what I did after was to show genuine interest and allow myself to ask that independant contributor what he does for living and what his interests in life are. You bet he was flattered. And we found out that we both enjoy watching the NBA basket ball game even though we didn’t support the same teams. I am a Lakers fan, he was an Utah fan. From that point, he wasn’t just one person putting comments on lyspace, he was becoming someone I would likely call my friend and that new consideration was true for the both of us.
  3. As a third step, after telling him what I do for living as well, I did ask him if there is anything I could help him with that would be in my area of expertise. For such an accomplish and successful person that he is, at my then level, there wasn’t really anything I could do for him that he potentially couldn’t do himself. However, he’s been pretty sensitive to my offer and ask me in return how he can help me. We then exchanged email address, phone numbers, and got in touch in skype for a working session and for me to tell him what my company is all about. He loved the idea, we’ve been great friends ever since and next month as he will be flying to Boston, we’ve arranged, my wife and I, and to have him come for dinner at my place.

Here is what I want you to take away from this. Social networking sites are great ways today to create new relationships, manage and maintain existing relationships. Whether it’s for business purposes or for your personal life, even tough I do recommend to be really careful with social networking sites, I do believe they are tremendous doors of opportunities.

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