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The K2C Rule: Keep a Constant Contact

K2C Rule

Hi bloggers, this is Max, your Relationship Expert, and I have a homework for you today. Pull out your cell phone and look at your missed calls, your incoming calls, and your outgoing calls. What do you notice? My bet is that you have at least one to a maximum of 5 numbers that are in all the three categories and my conviction is that your relationship to those one to five people is stronger than any other relationship you have and probably you know those persons better than any other people on your phone book. Now tell me…Am I right? If yes, then you got what is behind the K2C Rule: the more often you keep in touch with people, the more you are connected to them, the stronger are your relationships, and the better you know each other.

How To Keep a Constant Contact?

  1. Email or call your friends, clients, family members at least once a month. How to do that is simple if you are disciplined and commit yourself to email or call one new person per day just to say WHAT’S UP!
  2. Use the social Network. Social networks are amazing easy ways to keep in touch with people. I personally use facebook and skype a lot. Send a “holla” on your friends facebook wall, or chat with them when you get to meet them connected.
  3. Visit or go out with your friends/contacts. There is no better to build a strong relationship with people than share an activity together. Once you know what you and another one have in common then sometime invite them to do that special thing with you on your day off

Some people would probably think that they do not need to be close to lot of people or do not need to know lot of people but one day and generally when they are in need for a service, that’s when they look for people they “know”. Do wait to be on a dead-end to value a friendship or a contact, start right now when you don’t even need them.

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