How To Make People Go “WOW” When They See You

Who wouldn’t like to make people go WOW from the real first second you meet with people? Don’t get me wrong here, I am not talking about the kind of eyes you on you because of the clothes brand you are dressed up with. No, I am talking about the kind of admiration people have for you because of the way you behaved yourself and set yourself notoriously apart from the rest of the crew.

Last year in Nashville,TN there I attended to the Toastmaster national contest where a great friend of mine, Stephen Cornwell,was competitng. The beautiful reception room of the hotel was full of pretty professional, and high class people. After the speeches contest that my friend actually won, a reception banquet took place at the 12th floor. When I got there, I met with the Toastmaster Director of Marketing  and another the Executive Director. Here were two people I never met before but heard of and that I would love to meet up with again, but should I make sure they go WOW from the 1st second we talk together. Here is what I did that day that tremendously worked and that I keep on doing today when I meet anyone whether for the first time or not.

  1. I give my 5 stars-smile – Your smile is such a powerful to tool to attract people. Its power to light yourself up definitely plays a major role in moving people barriers to come to you. If you have a bright smile, people will definitely go WOW and will ask about who you are.
  2. I show enthusiasm – It’s beautiful to see someone who is enthusiast, especially these days where people live under any kind of stress. If you look miserable as the majority of people out there, don’t expect people to go WOW when they see you. If you show that you enjoy life and people, you wil definitely set yourself apart from others and that will make people go WOW.
  3. I engage in mature and intrustive yet relaxing discussion – We all out there to make connections, to search for better opportunities, to pass out and grab business cards but people do not enjoy that kind of networking jerk. When I meet with people or like I met the Toastmaster Executives, we’ve been talking about places we have lived in, visiteed, studied, and the diffenrent languages that we all speak. That is usually great subjects to talk about when you first meet someone becuase not only it lift you up and position you well in their mind, but also it helps you and the person to know more about each other, break the ice, and see how open-minded the person can be. If the people you meet are people you already know, just like friends, after the warm greeting, always with the 5 stars-smile, you can talk about what you remember they love th most. For some and especially guys, it’s sport. For women, vacations and new shopping centers can defimitely be great subjects to talk about. Through the discussion you can always go to more relevant social issues the society is facing or even talk about your job and profession. But do not do it right at the begining even if it’s your best friend, especialy if you meet out of a job environment.
  4. Like them but leave them – Something you want to avoid is to make people feel like you are taking too much of their time. So even if the initial contact went superb, or even if it’s your friend but you guys met at some kind of event, after the warm greeting, the 5 stars-smile, the quick wonderful talk, let them free to go and meet other people. They didn’t with you or for you at that event, so it will be unpolite to keep all their attention and time just for you. The same is true for you as well. So politely, either yourself or let them know that if they feel like going around the room and meet up with other peers, that’s is fine with you.
  5. I make sure I say good bye – Relationships are really sensitives and the one mistake you definitely want to avoid is to take it for granted. After a great talk as you meet someone, if the two of you decide to go around the room and meet others, make sure before you live that you go meet them again and say thanks for the sharing as you say good bye. At that time, if the connection has been that well, you can then ask for business cards or if already know they person, make sure you update the contact infomation.

It’s always good to meet people and even new people. It’s even greater when you meet them and they go WOW because of your skills in meeting up with them, leaving a lasting impression that will make them be always happy to meet with you again.


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  1. #1 by Ness on July 15, 2010 - 3:50 am

    #2 is a big hit

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