Transform Your Image at Work

Some people were born with the golden spoon and fortunately never had to work truly hard to transform their image. For the majority however, it’s not the case. One has to work hard on his job and also on the image he/she reflects. It can be at work, at home, with friends. How do you manage your reputation? What image do people of you? How to transform your image? Folks, this is Max, your Relationship Strategist, and this post is about Reputation Management.

William Arruda, the Personal branding guru, founder and President of Reach Personal Branding said: “What makes you unique makes you successful.” Your personal branding or the image people have of you is more important today than it’s been in the past. It’s the email you always read because of who it’s from. It’s employee who always gets the cool projects. It’s phone call you always answer because of who is calling.

Transforming your image is pretty much aligning who you are, what you do, how you do it, and becoming relentlessly focused on what you do that adds value. Here are three steps that will help you get on the road of transforming your image and leave your mark in everything you do, wherever you go, whoever you deal with.

  1. Create a Personal Branding Message
    The question you need to ask yourself is what do people think when they see or read your name. It’s pretty much like a product. What do you think when I say Google? As many other people, the first thing tat came to your mind is the that it’s the best online search engine. In other words, if you want to search for something online, what you think first of is Google. What would you think if I say Obama? You will probably say: “the First African-American in the USA” or “Yes We Can”.
    By developing a Personal Branding Message you are positioning yourself in the mind of people. Like any best brand, your message must be distinct, and kept short and simple. It calls for you to identify your uniqueness and how you can put that uniqueness to work. It’s not much about your title but about your mission.
    What you want people to think when they hear or read your name is exactly what you want to develop as an image.  People treat you and see you just the way you present yourself.
  2. Value Your Brand
    Now that your personal branding message has been developed and is now clear and distinct, you now need to value your brand. Valuing your brand is showing off what people have to gain from bing in touch with you. How do you add value to your network? How is your uniqueness relevant in helping anyone or anything grow? What can I expect when picking up your phone calls or opening an email from you?
    When valuing your brand, you also want to look at your style because style matters. Whether you like it or not, clothing, letterheads, hairstyles, business cards, office space, and conversational style, they make a big deal when it comes to your image. So make sure to take it in consideration. No matter how you want to be perceived, understand there are main characteristics in all fields of work. If you work in finance or business in general, we expect you to be well suited and somehow to reflect wealth. If you are an auto-mechanic, well expect you be cover with oil and dirt because the more of that you have, the more we believe in you be an expert. If you are a cook, we expect to you to be clean, wearing gloves and holding rags. Take an honest look at how you present yourself. Ask others how they see you. How do you wish to be seen?
  3. Expose Your Brand
    No one else but you is in charge. You need to take action to broadcast yourself to be seen the way you want to be seen. As you start, never ask for more pay until after you’ve been doing the job successfully. It might take time until you get positioned in people’s mind the way you just reinvented your image but once you did your homework and people bought your new image then it’s all good.
    Also, nothing stops you from developing and exposing your brand online. Use Facebook, Linkedin, hi5, Myspace….Send e-mails filled with creative ideas to your CEO. Design your own Me, Inc. brochure. Just like an expert said, the world is your stage. Your message is your “play.” The character you portray is your brand. Look the part; live the part.

It took me three years to find out what was my mission and to develop my personal branding message: I help people work on their professional and social relationships to take their live and career to the next level. Which image do you reflect at the moment at work or at home? Are you satisfy with it? Did that post help you in a way to start working on it or making it better?


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