Words of Wisdom from Former Coca-Cola CEO

Relationship Matters

Ernest Woodruff

In 1919, a group of investors headed by Ernest Woodruff and W. C. Bradley purchased TheCoca-Cola Company for $25 million. The business was reincorporated as a Delaware corporation, and 500,000 shares of its common stock were sold publicly for $40 per share.
Well folks, we are talking about the year of 1919 and Ernest Woodruff already knew what few others didn’t: RELATIONSHIP MATTERS. According to Relationship Expert Zig Ziglar, in his book Top Performance, Woodruff used to hand out a little pamphlet he had created that read:

Life is much a selling job. Whether we succeed or fail is largely a matter of how well motivate the human beings with whom we deal to buy us and what what we have to offer.

Success or failure in this job is essentially a matter of human relationships. It is a matter of the kind of reaction to us by our family members, customers, employees, employers, and fellow workers and associates. If this reaction is favorable we are quite likely to succeed. If the reaction is unfavorable we are doomed.

The deadly sin in our relationship with people is that we take them for granted. We do not make an active or continuous effort to do and say things that will make them like us, and believe us, and that will create in them the desire to work with us in the attainment of our desires and purposes.

Again and again, we see both individuals and organizations perform only to a small degree of their potential success, or fail entirely, simply because of their neglect of the human element in business and life.

They take people and their actions for granted. Yet it is these people and their responses that make or break them.


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  1. #1 by buzz on May 13, 2010 - 1:38 pm

    I agree with the fact that we take people and relationship for granted. From my experiences, i feel that it’s hard to maitain exchanges with people, even if you love them, years and years after. I felt like i have to select the ones i’m closer to. I can’t be there for all the thousands people i know.
    I think that maintenig relationship to a good level with hundreds of saouls is not a part-time job. But if you do one thing a day, after a year you would have kept a nice contact with all your friends.
    So it is easy and hard in the same time. It depends on the level of your understanding about relationship and how much you want to take care about your relations…

    • #2 by Max-Marc Fossouo on May 13, 2010 - 6:28 pm

      Thanks for your feedback Yacine! You are right, managing relationship is pretty demanding. It’s in fact hard to keep up with all your thousands people network. Here is a tip I can give you to better manage you huge amount of friends.
      Be in constant contact with your Mastermind Group as Napoleon Hill said. (The Mastermind group is the group of friend that inspires you, motivates, and help you keep with your goals and dreams). Send a monthly or every other month “holla amigo” to be people you’ve once been closed to and always send them a note at every occasion like B-day, Easter, Christmas…, send an occasional “Thank You” note to your Buzzmoica.fr fan list. Let me know if you need more tips, I am here for you and again thanks for taking time to check out this blog because RELATIONSHIP MATTERS

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