Mind Your Business

Mind Your Business

Hello folks! On today’s issue I plan to share with you one of the indisputable laws of relationship: MIND YOUR BUSINESS. One of the reason I jumped in the Self-Help industry is because not only I believe in constantly learning from experts but also I have a burning desire at helping people grow and especially in the way they deal with their relationships.

One of the reasons social networks like facebook excel is merely because you can “spy” what is going on other people’s live an then talk about it with other people in good or bad ways. Same thing at work, people tend to enjoy being nosy although they might not acknowledge it.  So why don’t people mind their business and why should they?

People do not mind their business because it’s a lot more easy to see what is going on next door instead of fixing the mess we have at home. Well, did I say easy? What I mean is people have more fun doing it. No one enjoy facing its dirt only his success but it’s a lot more fun to look someone else dirt. That’s why, when a misfortune happens to you, the news travels a lot faster than when great things happen.

The second reason people do not mind their business is because they look for information that they can use to serve their own interests. Believe it or not, no one cares more about your success than you do. What people care about is leveling or comparing themselves to you.

Why must you mind your business? Mostly because is the best way to have a peaceful relationship with people of your network. People who mind their business show genuine interests, give constructive feedbacks, and compare themselves to only their personal performances.

The second reason you must mind your business is that it will help you focus more on yourself and therefore you will keep on bettering the areas of your life that need attention.  In other words, you cannot drive at 140 mph looking at the rear view mirror of your car.

How to mind your business and still show genuine interest to others? When I was getting ready to write this post, one of my question was: when do I consider myself being genuinely interested and when do I consider minding someone else business? Well, I believe it’s all about the reason behind the act. You either try to be nosy or try to learn from the person. If you try to get nosy then when sharing with news with others you will insist on all the misfortune and make it look even worse. If you try to learn from the person and you are sincere, then your acts, your sharing and everything else will be done on a more positive way. With hat said, I believe the best way to mind your business and still show interest to others is to put yourself in their shoes and thnik about how you’d have wanted them to share the news if the situation was reverse. In other words, treat your friends as you’d like them to treat you.

Alright bloggers, now you know you need and must mind your business to refocus on bettering yourself and have a great and peaceful relationship with your network.



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