Managing Your Contacts with LinkedIn

Did you ever noticed how hard it is to keep track of your contacts? Well I have a good news for you and it’s called social networks. Social networks can help you remember people’s birthday with a week in advance. Social networks can help you stay in touch and communicate with your friends. Social networks like Linkedin can help you manage your contacts within seconds. Here is how: YOU CAN EXPORT ALL YOUR LINKEDIN CONNECTIONS TO YOUR OUTLOOK (CSV File), YAHOO MAIL, OR SIMPLY DOWNLOAD EACH CONTACT IN YOUR COMPUTER AS A VCF FILE.

The benefit behind it is that you can better classify your contacts as I explained in one of my previous post (the COI list) and by this I mean you can create groups. For instance you can download all your contacts and class them in groups such as classmates, friends, family related, colleagues, business…

Now guess what?! LinkedIn already classifies everything for you since to be connected to someone through LinkedIn you need to tell how you know the person. However the plus behind downloading your contacts in your windows contacts is that more than your contacts being classified, you can also put some notes that you can use to remember the importance of the person in your network.

Here is how it works with windows contact:

You can use Windows to keep track of people and organizations by creating contacts for them in Windows Contacts. Each contact contains the information for one person or organization.

When you need to look up a friend’s e‑mail address or phone number, you can open your Contacts folder and find it there. When you want to take notes about a business contact, you can store them in the Contacts folder. No matter what type of contact information you want to remember about someone, you can put it in the Contacts folder—even a picture.

The Contacts folder also functions as the address book for Windows Mail. When you create an e‑mail message in Windows Mail, you select the recipient from your Contacts folder. Even if you don’t use Windows Mail as your e‑mail program, you can still use Windows Contacts to store information about people and organizations.

Pretty cool huh?! THANKS LinkedIn!

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